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Ready for Kitchen Renovations? Or a new construction kitchen?

It's an exciting process! You have a lot of choices, and can take many paths to get your new kitchen ready for yourself and your family.

For one path, you can use a home improvement chain store with knock-down cabinets that require complete assembly and only some design assistance. You are on your own for installation (or have to contract with independent contractors), and have to coordinate all the pieces (and make sure they fit and are appropriate): plumbing, appliances, countertops, special features. Warranty service is difficult or non-existent ("you installed it, it isn't our fault"); YOU are the responsibility point!

Or you can use a full-service kitchen design and installation firm, where a professional kitchen designer will help you make the choices you need, give you assistance on all the myriad of improvements you want, make sure that the total design (with appliance dimensions and all those type of details) works as a whole, then have skilled installers put in the kitchen. Any issues and warranty service on problems are handled at your kitchen with one call!

We recommend the latter choice -- use a full-service firm such as Classic Kitchen Designs of Mississauga, Ontario. The design, quality, choices of features, and installation will surpass any other kitchen renovation path.

The Classic Kitchen Designs team (designers, expeditors, and installers) will guide you through the entire kitchen renovation process. They will be there when the initial cabinetry sketch is made, be there to install the kitchen cabinets, and be there for any service needed in the future.

Kitchen renovations and new kitchen construction at Classic Kitchen Designs are complete experiences. The kitchen design process is thorough; the entire team is attentive and responsive to client's needs, ideas, and lifestyle requirements. Classic Kitchen Designs has over thirty years of experience and literally thousands of satisfied customers in the Greater Toronto area.

It's not just for kitchens anymore!

Don't forget other parts of your home: entertainment areas, utility areas, living and family spaces, and more. All these areas might benefit from a complete design approach of need and lifestyle, with cabinets, surfaces, and more considered in a project.

Start with a Plan

Any successful home improvement or new construction project starts with a plan. Take a few minutes to think about what you and your family want to accomplish. What kind of style or look are you after? What problems have always irked you that you want to eliminate? What new features really intrigue you? Planning should be fun! Use your imagination, then work with the designer to really amplify your own thoughts and stimulate even more ideas.

For a kitchen project, do you need more storage space? Are you lacking counter space? Is it more pots, pans, and small appliances that are driving you crazy in your current kitchen?

Think about a kitchen you have seen that you really love: perhaps a kitchen of a friend or relative, or perhaps one you've seen on television or in a magazine. What did you like about that kitchen?

For other projects, take the same approach: consider the room in question and think about problem areas and your objectives.

All of this is important to then allow a professional cabinetry designer to interactively translate your goals and thoughts into a real design that meets your needs and excites you. The entire design team will apply a myriad of other design rules you probably don't even know about to make your new space practical as well as beautiful. The designer is up-to-speed on the latest cabinets and products on the market, and can suggest many options and choices to you – as well as providing help in how you can decide between choices.

Cost is always a factor to all of us; very few of us have unlimited budgets. The skilled designer will have options for you to meet the same goals at a variety of costs. A full service firm such as Classic Kitchen Designs isn't limited to just a few product lines; the designers can apply products that you really want in your design, not just the "official" products.

With your initial plan in hand, it's time to meet with a designer to start converting that plan into a design, from three-dimensional views to a delivery/installation calendar.

What's Next?

Go to the Classic Kitchen Designs website for a better picture of their experience, read customer testimonials, see photographs of work they have done, and get information on how to contact them. Visit their showroom to see several sample kitchens and other projects.

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Classic Kitchen Designs of Mississauga, Ontario is a 2nd generation family-owned kitchen design business specializing in Canadian manufactured cabinets that show true value and craftsmanship.

The Classic Kitchen Designs design team have gained an outstanding reputation for integrity, reliability and creativity in the Kitchen and Bath Industry. Classic Kitchen Designs was built on customer referrals from their many satisfied customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.

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